Lesson #1 - How to Say “Thank You!” in Swedish

December 5th, 2007

Learn Swedish travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Swedish can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, Survivalphrases.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover a high frequency Swedish phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Sweden.

Today we learn how to say “Thank you” in Swedish. Be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com before you set out on your trip to Sweden, and be sure to leave us a post!

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79 responses to “How to Say “Thank You!” in Swedish”

6 12 2007
Liz21 (09:35:44) :

Congratulations on this new site! I am hoping to pick up some useful phrases in Swedish :grin:
Looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson :grin:

15 12 2007
Joakim (01:40:11) :

Tack så mycket Liz :mrgreen:

23 01 2008
Michael (01:59:26) :

I’m so glad I found this site! The lessons are so easy to understand and follow. I’m excited to learn more.

23 01 2008
Joakim (23:40:09) :

Awesome Micheal that you think that way! Keep the comments coming. This lessons are for you so if there is anything you’re thinking about, just let us know!

27 01 2008
jery (00:03:59) :

Great!!!! I already love this page, even if that was the first lesson I listened! :grin: This cours is realllly exellent… :wink:

5 02 2008
Damo (05:38:49) :

Underbara! Great website and podcast! I looked for a Swedish podcast last year and I was shocked there was nothing available. My girlfriend and I thought we would make one, but I’m glad you’ve already done so.
Now I can learn the language so I can communicate with my girlfriend’s friends and family!

6 02 2008
Joakim (18:43:49) :

Damo, so your girlfriend is swedish? Awesome, I hope I can help you improve your swedish. :smile:

18 02 2008
Al G (02:24:44) :

Tackar. This is a very good course, and the website is very well done. I hope to converse with my 2 Swedish grandchildren.

20 02 2008
Joakim (00:40:09) :

I also hope that you will be able to interract with your grandchildren some day! In Swedish.

4 03 2008
Patrick (11:45:36) :

I just found your postings on iTunes and am very excitied to relearn what I have lost since my days as an exchange student at folkhögskolan (1987).

Tusen Tack!!

19 03 2008
Star (07:03:59) :

This is great and sooooooooooooooo easy I wanted to learn a new language that is not as common in my school so I picked Swedish and this is the easiest program I have tried.

Tack så mycket
Survival Phrases

28 03 2008
Joakim (17:03:29) :

Hi everybody! This was meant to be an easy show yet informative. Learning languages are fun, and should be. Don’t forget that! :smile:

11 04 2008
Agnieszka (05:45:12) :

I repeat phrases all the time! Love it!

12 04 2008
admin (12:04:08) :

Great! Keep it up!

14 06 2008
Jorge (15:29:11) :

:mrgreen: Everyday i listen this recordings of swedish i’m excited to know more about the language! because i want to go to Sverige and i have many friends in sweden, and also i love the languages so! i think this is a perfect way to learn the basic things to survive ;D in the other countries =D . and it’s funny because i’m from México and everyone ask me why i want to learn swedish, just a simple answer: i love the language :P .
congratulations! i’ll be visiting the site ;D:grin :cool:

14 06 2008
Joakim (19:55:01) :

Hi Jorge, awesome that you like my show :smile: I hope you will finally be able to talk to your friends in the language you love. Keep it up!

11 07 2008
Sarah France (04:09:34) :

Pleased with what i’ve learned so far, thank you for creating the podcast.

12 07 2008
Joakim (18:34:01) :

Hi Sarah :mrgreen:

I promise you that there is a lot more good stuff in the following 59 lessons. You are really up for a treat :wink:

I’m pleased to know that you are pleased. Thank YOU for listening.

13 07 2008
roseynick (04:47:13) :

Brilliant! :mrgreen: Tack!

13 07 2008
Roseynick (04:59:10) :

(sorry for repost)

Thank you again, It’s a brilliant and easy way of learning the language, I’m very grateful :)
Oh And I love the cute story about the skiing accident! That is soooo sweet!

Keep up the good work :mrgreen:

14 07 2008
Joakim (04:41:14) :

Thank you! The story is so embarrassing but I hope it can get you a little “inside information” about how to use the phrase! :mrgreen:

24 07 2008
Gabriel (03:43:51) :

Tack så mycket!
Very nice =)

25 07 2008
Joakim (01:18:11) :

Thank you too Gabriel! :mrgreen:

11 09 2008
McKenna Nobbs (05:36:36) :

Hej Joakim! :grin: I really enjoy your lessons, and find them very helpful! I am learning Swedish for fun, and I LOVE IT! How old are you by the way :mrgreen: Kepp up the good work! I like your Swedish accent!

12 09 2008
Joakim (04:40:30) :

Hej! It makes me happy to learn that you enjoy my lessons and find them useful. I am really into languages myself so I feel that it is my concern to transcend beyond text books and give you all a more “real” approach to the language. I am nineteen years old :cool:. How old are you yourself? It would be fun to know more about the people listening to my voice :mrgreen:

I hope I don’t have too much Swedish accent but a tad to make my beautiful voice exotic and exiting :shock:


12 09 2008
McKenna Nobbs (08:27:05) :

Hej! Well that’s realy cool! I love languages! I also got the survival phrases podcast for Arabic, and Russian. I also take French at school, but Swedish is my all time favorite language! It’s much prettier than other Germanic languages! And it looks really cool written! I am 16 years old, so not too much younger than you. You can look up ‘McKenna Nobbs’ on facebook to learn more about me! :wink:

13 09 2008
Joakim (20:36:40) :

Indeed you aren’t too much younger than me :wink: I also think Swedish is pretty, and I have lot of experience of other germanic languages (e.g. I’m fluent in german) so I’m not saying this because I’m Swedish.

I hope you all learning Swedish thinks the same. You should get your hands on some music in Swedish, since it’s really nice when someone sings. Ok, I must say that norwegian has a similar sound when it’s sung :roll:

13 09 2008
McKenna Nobbs (23:57:06) :

Yes, Norwegian sounds similiar when it’s spoken as well! I do have a considerable amount of Scandinavian music on my ipod, and I love it! :razz: Do you know Agnetha Faltskog? She is my favorite Swedish singer! She’s great! I love ABBA as well, although they don’t have too many songs in Swedish :cry:

14 09 2008
Joakim (20:13:20) :

Of course I know about her. She was in ABBA you know ;D Have you seen Mamma Mia? We have a Swedish actor in that movie and he has a boat with a Swedish flag.

The melody of Norwegian is not very similar to Swedish, just so you know :mrgreen:

15 09 2008
McKenna Nobbs (10:09:14) :

Yeah I know that the accent is different in Norwegian, but I meant that the languages are similar in vocabulary, and whatnot. But yes, I know all about Agnetha, and ABBA is my favorite band. I LOVE Mamma Mia! And the Swedish actor was the one the one who played Bill Andersson right? I liked him :mrgreen:

15 09 2008
Joakim (14:20:20) :

Yepp, it was although “Bill” is not a very common Swedish name :wink:

14 10 2008
McKenna Nobbs (13:24:31) :

oh no! did you delete your facebook? If so, get one again, so we can be friends! I got your message, but haven’t been able to respond! :sad:

15 10 2008
Joakim (17:30:18) :

Hehe Hi McKenna

Yeah I’ve deleted facebook since I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. If you want any help or so you are welcome to e-mail me at joakimbertil[at]hushmail.com :mrgreen:

23 10 2008
Anna (18:15:33) :

This is brilliant! :grin: Joakim is really easy to understand and it goes at a good pace. Just wondering where I can find the transcripts of the lessons?

23 10 2008
Joakim (22:21:18) :

Hi Anna, awesome that you like my lessons. There aren’t any transcripts for the lesson but there is a PDF that goes through what the lesson cover and more. In addition is there a vocab-list. :smile:

12 11 2008
alääkz', yo. (02:12:51) :

Tack så mycket, Jag talar bara litet svenska. =]

28 11 2008
Raphy (06:25:30) :

hej!tack for the Swedish lessons.love it!

28 11 2008
Raphy (06:27:07) :

ah I didn’t see that you do reply!
your lessons are just so cool,and it’s really helpful.I put them in my ipod and listen to it everyday like music!it’s really really cool!!!!!

29 11 2008
Joakim (00:04:24) :

Hi :mrgreen:

I am really happy to hear that you all like my lessons. I struggled with the so that you all could learn modern and proper Swedish, fun and easily!

It is additionally very, VERY, satisfying for me to see you greeting and thanking in Swedish! Tack alla så jättejättemycket för det. You rock! :cool:

2 12 2008
Raphy (06:48:49) :

Inga problem!
Jag älskar dina lektioner!!
but my Swedish is very limited!I hope that I can hear more new lessons from you soon!
I’m dating a Swedish guy now.>.

2 12 2008
Raphy (06:51:05) :

ah don’t know why my cmt is cut in half! anyway.looking forward to more converstaions about love~tack så mycket

6 01 2009
Yue (23:21:13) :

Tack så mycket Joakim, and please keep up the good work! :mrgreen:

8 01 2009
Joakim (01:14:11) :

Hej Yue!

Tack så mycket för uppmuntran :mrgreen:, thanks for the encourage.

29 01 2009
Alexandre (03:02:11) :

Tackar Joakim! Soon a brazilian will speak svenska :)

Have a nice day!

29 01 2009
Joakim (17:06:08) :

Thank YOU Alexandre. Good to hear! :mrgreen:

5 03 2009
Belvendarn (14:34:52) :

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

8 03 2009
Michelle (20:14:09) :

I found this podcast when I was looking for ways to maintain my Swedish (I lived in Skane last year and haven’t had much exposure since returning to LA). Are you really Swedish, though? Your English accent doesn’t sound like a Swedish one, though your Swedish is lovely!

23 03 2009
Julie (23:11:58) :

My Grand Parents came to America in the early 1900’s and when they arrived here they gave up their native language and only spoke English. I wish they had passed Swedish onto my Dad so it could be passed from generation to generation.

I love how you break a part each word so we know the correct way to pronounce these words. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank :razz:

26 03 2009
Joakim (17:12:44) :

Hi, nice that you like my lessons! I worked hard :roll:

Regarding if I’m Swedish I am from Stockholm and my family (both sides) is Swedish since at least the 17th century. I don’t have records of earlier reletives or reletives not being born in Sweden with Swedish parents. So, yepp I’m Swedish :cool: I don’t have a clue how my accent sounds like. Sometimes I think it sounds British, sometimes American but mostly it has a hint of genuine Swedish accent. :mrgreen:

9 04 2009
Cynthia (00:56:23) :

I will be visiting Sweden soon and I am glad I came across this site. This is truly helpful! Tack! :smile:

15 04 2009
Daril (16:14:55) :

Tack, I hope that one day I can use my knowledge of Swedish to move to Sweden, I really enjoyed the visits I have had in the past.

8 05 2009
Marios (23:46:00) :

Hej Joakim,

Tackar for the effort you have put into the lessons.

I’m visiting Stockholm for the first time in July and having lived in other European countries I always like to be able to use simple phrases when visiting.

BTW - your accent is definitely Scandinavian - which makes it sound a little British however you use an American vocabulary - regardless, it is excellent.

One suggestion I’d make would be an audible glossary so that all the vocab is collected in like a reference audio file or a lesson on the basics of pronunciation to assist us in picking up new words from written materials or when we are travelling in Sweden.

Keep up the good work! Tackar!


10 05 2009
Joakim (01:42:39) :

Hi Marios!

About my accent: I would like to say that my accent really differs from the ones’ speaking a really aweful scandinavian accent. It does though sound a little British and sometimes a little American. In Sweden we officially learn british English, because it’s the “original” English, but since most movies come to us from the U.S. only with subtitles we get more influenced of that kind of vocabulary.

Your suggestion is really great and I hope that my boss really conciders it :mrgreen:

4 06 2009
Thomas Reek (07:40:38) :

hello. My name is Tomas. I am from Saarama Estonia. We learn some english and also Finish as well as Svenske as children. I live now in the US and came on this website by accident. My wife is from Lanskrona and we met in Riga 45 years ago. I enjoyed so much learning that people have interested in our languages. In America English is a very much butchered language for which it makes me sad to say.


11 07 2009
Rose (01:49:35) :

Tack!!! Still the best ever!
Joakim You rock!

3 09 2009
Joakim (14:21:02) :

Thank you Rose :lol:

13 02 2010
Dafydd Roberts (08:25:56) :

I’m 15 from Britain and I’m about to go skiing in Sweden. I just downloaded the podcasts from iTunes along with some other language tools for swedish but this is by far the best. :)

Well done!

14 02 2010
shannon (11:48:11) :

I’ve downloaded your podcasts from itunes simply because after watching ‘om sara’ I think the language sounds beautiful!

Tack så mycket!

21 04 2010
palespectre (13:01:08) :


Jag gillar din podsändningar! i really would like to learn Svensk because i love Swedish culture and the country. (and i havent been there even). and most of all i love the music, i’ve been listening to swedish music since… i dont know anymore,and that was one of the reasons why i fell inlove with sweden. i dream of speaking with jens lekman in swedish one day. haha. you have really nice accent joakim, what kinds of swedish music do you listen to, just curious.

22 05 2010
Lauren (05:05:47) :

I am so happy! Tack så mycket!

27 08 2010
Rose (07:05:29) :

Commenting again! :mrgreen: Still love these lessons, learning more and more everday, i’m even writing facbook status in swedish now haha! Sadley none of my friends can read them though :cry:

Tack så mycket! xx

17 10 2010
Gemma (10:09:40) :

Hej! I have been wanting to learn Swedish for awhile now, and I’m enjoying these podcasts so much. I’m Canadian, and in love with Swedish culture. These podcasts are really helpful and a great starting point. I can’t wait to listen to more!
Tack så mycket!!

30 10 2010
Team Roster (13:19:32) :

Maybe you should change the post title Travel Phrases - Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese » How to Say “Thank You!” in Swedish to something more suited for your subject you create. I liked the blog post nevertheless.

19 03 2011
Byron (06:32:40) :

Tack så mycket, Joakim

20 03 2011
Byron (03:06:49) :

Where is the vocab-list? You mentioned it in your post on 23 Oct 2008.

29 09 2011
Asad (21:23:17) :

Nice post………

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