Lesson #1 - Thank You!

June 1st, 2007

Learn Vietnamese travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Vietnamese can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, SurvivalPhrases.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover a high frequency Vietnamese phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Vietnam.

Today we learn how to say “Thank you.” in Vietnamese. Be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com before you set out on your trip to Vietnam, and be sure to leave us a post!

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16 responses to “Thank You!”

8 06 2007
Sindy (08:34:37) :

Great job Mie- en! :wink:

I like Vietnamese language! here in NYC there are Vietnamese meetups where we get to meet with other people interest in Vietnamese culture, language and people. :cool:

They all are very nice and thankful people, I like those meetups! :mrgreen:

Good luck and I look foward to this SP Vietnamese! :wink: S_R_C

15 06 2007
Tee Hong (03:48:48) :

These are great and I’m looking forward to hearing more!

30 06 2007
will webb (05:10:39) :

thanks really nice to find on itunes - just about to go to vietnam.

if i could make a sauggestion though, id really appreciate a course with optional extras. with a theme uch as thankyou, but also other phrases. you can pack a fair bit into 5 minutes. as i can rewind and fast forward mi ipod, you could learn more if you were comfortable, but still making sure, as you did, through reptition, that you learnt the essential central phgrase.

anyway, just an idea
gam an - thankyou - is that how you’d spell it?

5 07 2007
dantheman (10:35:57) :

Cool find! Six months ago, I married a wonderful lady from Vietnam, and we are going to Nha Trang over Christmastime to visit her family. It’s my first time to Vietnam, so I’m excited about learning some phrases.

A polite suggestion: you could probably pack a little more in with a five-minute lesson. For example, using the new phrase in context my be fun.

Good luck!

10 09 2007
Jimmy B (05:40:10) :

Hey! I’m starting up, and want to concur with Will above - I’d like to see more put into the lessons… and what’s more the PDF guide has a LOT more stuff in it, but no guide on how to read Vietnamese! I’m not sure if Xin is pronounced “Sheen” or “Hin”, if there’s rising, high, falling intonation… an overview on how to read Vietnamese script would make these supplementary materials a lot more useful.

It would also help me when ordering from menu - if I can get the basic reading principles down, I can order Phô. :wink:


4 03 2008
Julie M (09:16:10) :

I could really use the phonetics on how to properly pronounce it. the podcast isn’t all that clear, so a rough phonetic translation and hints on the pitch (rising/falling) would be very helpful! I agree that you could put more in a lesson.

Thanks for including Vietnamese!

5 03 2008
mick (17:38:19) :

thanks for teaching me how to say thank you.
do I take it that is how to say it to a man
would I be right then for thank you to a women gam bah

26 08 2008
Federico (05:49:10) :

Congratulations! Great course(s)!

Question about “Thank you very much” in Vietnamese. Great Myan says something like “Cảm ơn [rach] nhiêu”, which I cannot find in the accompanying .pdf. What is the word she says right between ơn and nhiêu?

Thank you and keep up with the good work!

2 02 2009
Teegz (23:51:36) :

I have found these lessons very useful. I’m travelling to Vietnam from Western Australia in a few weeks for my first visit and am looking forward to being able to make an effort to communicate, even if only slightly, in Vietnamese. Thanks for the help!

10 02 2009
Lizbeth (16:17:07) :

This is great my boyfriend is vietnamese and I promised myself to learn a little vietnamese each day for his family. I’m spanish and in turn teaching him spanish for him to communicate with my family I will pass along this website!!! :lol:

2 05 2009
renee (10:42:04) :

awesome site - great instruction - very clear and concise! will use on my trip for sure!

gahm uhng- rahck-neeyoo! :)

24 06 2009
Nathalie (16:16:01) :

Hi/hello = chào or Xin chào ( “Xin Chào” is more formal than just the word “Chào̶ ;)
Thank you = cám ơn
Thank you very much = Cám ơn rất nhiều

that’s how you write it

good luck with your Vietnamese :)

19 09 2010
sharon (22:35:02) :

Please get rid of the inanely repetitive intro!
It’s a waste of lesson time (1 -1.5 minutes!!!! ) and its highly irritating!
The happy - clappy, overly upbeat tone of the lessons is also a bit irritating!
Ok for free lessons, and very welcome, thank you!
I will not be paying for the longer courses untill /unless those intros are removed.
PS I find the German intro disturbing and inappropriate.

15 11 2010
Ngoc (12:55:12) :

The accent of the lady in this audio is southern. If you want to learn Vietnamese, you’d better start from learning speaking with the northern accent :) after that, learn any accent you want:
PS: I’m Vietnamese and i love listening to southern accent, because it’s lovely ;-)

8 10 2011
JOHN (03:17:07) :

This is great will learn alot from this !

20 11 2011
Tim (12:57:23) :

Myan … where is your accent from? it seems to me that your pronunciation of some words does not correspond to any dialect I know - Hanoi … Siagon … For example the way you pronounce không … it is sounds like an American who does not know Vietnamese phonetics and is going by the way it is spelled .. you make a K sound … the same problem with words that begin with “R” … you pronunce like in English but in Hanoi it is like a “z” sound and in Siagon like a “y” sound … so it seems to me that you have a Viêt-Kiêu accent .. American Viêt-Kiêu (overseas Vietnamese.

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