Lesson #1 - Thank You!

August 13th, 2007

Learn Spanish with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Spanish can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, SurvivalPhrases.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover a high frequency Spanish phrase that you’ll surely find useful on your trip, vacation, or travels to Spain. Today’s Survival Phrase is the most common way to say “thank you” in Spanish. People are often amazed at Spanish hospitality. Often you’ll come across people refusing money from you and extra food or drinks for free. And as this kindness is the case with many Spanish people, you’ll have plenty of reason to know how to say “thank you!” Be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com and leave us a post!

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11 responses to “Thank You!”

14 08 2007
Peter (04:31:21) :

David, thank you for the great lesson, and looking forward to learning more about Spain and the Spanish language :grin:

14 08 2007
David (08:14:11) :

Peter, ¡gracias!
Hope you like so much next lessons…

14 08 2007
Sindy (13:27:26) :

David :wink:

Congratulations on the Spanish launch :cool:

Yo ya hablo espanol pero voy a ver si aprendo espanol de espana! :mrgreen: S_R_C

16 08 2007
David (22:30:22) :

Hi Sindy!

¡Gracias! Be sure that we work hard ar survivalphrases.com so you can get it!


29 08 2007
maxiewawa (13:14:58) :

David! Nice work. I’ve been listening since the series began.
Hey Sindy, I forgot that you speak Spanish! I’ll have lots of questions about how Spanish relates to Japanese ;).
I have been wanting to type Hola to people, but haven’t been able to find a shortcut for ¡, which should be in front of it. Is there an easy way to type it?

30 08 2007
Sindy (09:21:40) :

Maxiewawa :wink:

I’m surprise that you want to learn Spanish! :???: :shock:

Well I shouldn’t be anymore since there is already alot of Chinese people in Mexico City. :cool :wink:

Good luck in learning Spanish and hope you visit Mexico City too and your welcome to come to my house. :mrgreen :wink: S_R_C

31 08 2007
David (02:00:04) :

Maxiewawa, thank you for your words. About typing the opening exclamation mark “¡”…

- If you are typing in a PC, try holding “Alt key” while typing in the numeric keypad 173 (it’s the ASCII code for “¡̶ ;)
- Anyway, you can always select from here: ¡ , mouse right click Copy, and mouse right click Paste where you want it… :)

By the way, I know a little Japanese too, so, if you need it, I could try to solve those Japanese-Spanish questions…

Hasta pronto…

2 09 2007
Sindy (06:20:10) :

Maxiewawa :wink:

Thank you for point me out that your Japanese! :oops: :cool:

I was surprise to hear that since I though you were Chinese but anyway your so welcome to come to my house to visit ok! :mrgreen :wink: S_R_C

6 10 2009
Nery (09:28:01) :


I am learning very basic Spanish. Though the listening and speaking are too difficult for me.
As you may know, there were a lot of Spanish people in the Philippines long, long time ago.
But it’s always the older generation gets the advantage of learning Spanish language.

David, Te doy las gracias. :wink:

5 07 2010
bobk_nyc (09:31:17) :

well. that is a version from Spain, but most the world speaks a Latin American Spanish

10 02 2014
how to learn spanish free (06:58:17) :

how to learn spanish free…

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