Our Method

Teachers are commissioned not only for their linguistic ability but also for their cultural insight and experience living abroad. The lessons were designed by our well-traveled staff to cover not only essential phrases but also modern issues that most outdated phrasebooks fail to cover. In addition, our teachers also contact and receive information from specialist and regional experts.

The 50+ phrases selected for this series are the most useful travel phrases as determined by a frequency of use analysis. In addition, the topics and cultural insight are also the result of careful research on up-to-date topics. This process has enabled us to bring you the most practical and up-to-date collection of phrases on the net. Utilizing podcasts allows us to significantly reduce our turnaround time, and bring you quality information in an expedited manner.
Once the information is gathered, the lessons are recorded, edited to ensure quality and content and then finally released to the world. The accompanying PDF includes more information and linguistic and cultural insight into each lesson. We strongly recommend it to cut the PDF.

Finally, the ability to post comments and ask questions allows our product to be open-ended. If you have a question, you’re not asking customer service. You’re not asking for one 800 number. You’re going to speak directly with the creator. This is something that you can only find at Survival Phrases.com