Lesson #1 - How to Say “Thank You!” in Korean

June 1st, 2007

Learn Korean travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com. A little Korean can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, SurvivalPhrases.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover another high frequency phrase which will be sure to be of use on your trip, vacation, or travels to Korea.

People are often amazed at Korean hospitality. Often you’ll come across people refusing money from you, extra food or drinks for free, or even discounts for no apparent reason at all. And as this is the case with many Koreans, you’ll have plenty of reason to know how to say: “Thank you!” Be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com and leave us a post!

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91 responses to “How to Say “Thank You!” in Korean”

1 06 2007
Moses (06:30:15) :

Nice lesson. Great enunciation Keith Kim.

5 06 2007
AP (23:28:29) :

Thanks, Keith! I’m really happy Korean Survival Phrases is up because I’ve been hearing about it for so long at JapanesePod101. Congratulations and I look forward to more excellent lessons.

6 06 2007
Keith (23:05:41) :

Moses and AP, thanks for the encouragement! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the Survival Phrases :)

9 06 2007
Evan Stoddard (20:27:13) :

:grin: I love it. My son Mark just married a Korean girl (Ryu Jeong Ran, aka Willow) two weeks ago. We love her. She works at the Center for Applied Linguistics in DC, and her English is great. Her parents are coming from Korea at the end of the month to join us for a few days. Her mom speaks no English. Maybe I’ll be able to get a little Korean under my belt before they get here. What do you think? Thanks for your help. Thanks, Kim, for your upbeat approach.

10 06 2007
maxiewawa (16:40:07) :

What does ‘Kim’ mean. Korean people always put it after their names… is it like the Japanese ’san’ suffix?

10 06 2007
Keith (19:48:23) :

Evan - great to hear that you’re making an effort to really connect with you’re daughter-in-law’s parents! You can definitely get a few phrases down and impress them! And in addition to the language component of these Survival Phrases, I think you’ll find the cultural tidbits helpful as well. They should give you a better understanding of her family and where they come from. :smile:

Maxie - Actually, my name is Keith Kim, and Kim is my surname. Kim is a very common surname in Korea. This name accounts for nearly 20% of the surnames in Korea (probably why you were under the impression it was equivalent to “san”!). The equivalent of the Japanese “san” would be “ssi.” But it would only be affixed to a given name, not a surname. Hope this helps :razz:

12 06 2007
maxiewawa (11:01:37) :

:) Thanks. I guess it’s pretty common though actually all Korean people i know I know are called ‘Kim’!

I got one of my Korean students to help me with this:
it helped me remember this new word well, hope you like it!

12 06 2007
Hyunwoo Sun (21:39:07) :

:eek: Great lesson! Congratulations on the successful launch of survivalphrases.com. I’ll be sure to spread the word on this website among my blog readers as well! Thanks for the efforts and keep up the great work!!


13 06 2007
Leah (05:11:56) :

Keith - love it! I found you on iTunes and have been using your service for only a day, but I love it so far. Great work. Keep it up! I’m listening… :grin:

13 06 2007
Sindy (08:43:06) :

Great Korean lessons Keith-Kim! :wink:

I just listen to all the lesson and I’m learning Korean already!! :mrgreen:

Keep up the great work! :cool :wink:

Hyunwoo-Sun :wink:

Beautiful site, you have very interest blogs there! :cool: :grin: S_R_C

16 06 2007
Michele (16:43:33) :

Great job! The thing I don’t like about so many of these podcast sites is that they usually take up so much time blabbing on and on about nothing in particular. (As fun as that can be sometimes, it gets annoying.) This podcast gets straight to the point, which I LOVE. I also appreciate the clear enunciation. Plus, the little exercises at the end are a nice touch, and I love your upbeat attitude, Keith. Keep up the good work!

16 06 2007
sb (23:38:35) :

These lessons are great - I also like the fact that the lessons are only about 5mins long and are really direct! So much easier to remember that way. :smile:
감사합니다 ~ !

17 06 2007
Keith (21:47:45) :

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Glad to hear that people are enjoying these survivalphrases :grin:

19 06 2007
Matt (19:39:33) :

I love these podcasts. Very good! I was wondering whether there will be a free trial for the services like JP101? Thanks,

20 06 2007
Eran (04:25:26) :

Matt - Really glad to hear that you’re enjoying these podcasts. While we don’t have a free trial, we do have a sample PDF Lesson Guide for each language on our Subscription & Pricing page. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on memberships.

24 07 2007
Chris (00:05:21) :

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the lessons so far! They are very helpful and very clearly pronounced, so it’s easy for me to pick up on after listening to it a few times through and repeating the words, syllable by syllable, for myself. I am one-fourth Korean, but I actually did not know a single word of the language (until now)! My dad (half Korean) was adopted from an American family very early on in his life, so he knows very little Korean (and to address an earlier post - his name was Kim Ke Sue… though I doubt that is spelled right). Also, I’m currently in a summer program, and one of the girls here is Korean. I thought it would be cool if I just said something like, “Thank you!” or “You’re welcome!” in Korean some time.

24 07 2007
Keith (23:19:52) :

Chris, I’m glad to hear that you’re trying to connect with some of your heritage. If you go to Korea, you’d probably be pretty popular. Many models in Korea are of mixed Korean heritage :wink:

28 07 2007
Dmitri (14:34:45) :

Never thought I will be learning korean.
Great work.I like the format of your lessons.
Keep it up. More topics,please. Cheers.

18 09 2007
Sam (15:12:51) :

Cool stuff guys. I’m around Koreans pretty often and go to Korean restaurants a lot too (bibimbap is the GREATEST FOOD EVER) so I have lots of opportunities to use this stuff.

Guys…using “anyong ha sei yo” at Korean restaurants is freaking crazy, man!!! For whatever reason, they think it’s really funny when white people use any Korean phrases… Makes interacting with the waiters/waitresses a lot of fun.

Also, I’m around Vietnamese people all the time so I’ll be using the Vietnamese section of this site as well.

18 09 2007
Keith (17:25:34) :

Sam - Great to hear you’re getting smiles out of this :grin: Use some of the more advanced phrases, and see what kind of reactions you get! :wink:

26 10 2007
Sharon (03:22:56) :

Keith, This site is really very helpful. I listen to this everyday . i highly recommended this to all my friends who are learning korean.
Btw, you’ve got an excellent diction . Great job!

26 10 2007
Sharon (03:30:50) :

…not to mention , it’s cool when you add some funny stuff :smile:

can’t wait for the next lessons ( i just finished the #60) :wink:

7 11 2007
rachel (00:33:03) :

감사합니다 :lol:

21 12 2007
sarenity (14:07:14) :

uwaa~korean is just as great as japanese :mrgreen:
both EXTREMELY fun and exciting languages! xD
dae-dan-hi gahm-sah-hahm-ni-da~ :wink:
thank you VERY muchhhh :)

27 01 2008
katrizia (21:47:43) :

…tetanhi kamsahamnida…:smile:,
i really wanted to learn korean…i hope you give the right spelling of the words..nevertheless i enjoyed a lot…kang sahamnida.. :lol:

17 02 2008
Kim (06:26:45) :

(No, not a Korean Kim :gri :)

I had an overnight stay at Incheon so decided to at least learn how to say “thank you”. I think people appreciated it, they spoke Korean back to me, yay! I put a couple of different Korean “thank you” lessons on my iPod for the plane journey over but yours was by far the best as it was short and easy to follow. Thanks! If I ever go back there for a longer trip, I’ll be sure to take your podcasts with me.

19 02 2008
Jennalin (13:32:08) :

Great lesson , Keith! Taedanhi Kamsahamnida! :smile:

23 02 2008
Monty (16:25:12) :


Hey Keith, you are awesome in these lessons! Great job! i actually got to apply it at work, and my boss was so impressed that one customer was really happy when i said thank you in korean. Keep it up!

By the way, how do you say the ‘fighting’? is it the same as it is pronounced in english?
and what about ‘aja’? isn’t it also a form of encouragement? what does it mean? :eek:

3 03 2008
jim (13:54:38) :

Lessons are good Keith. But when these people, if they ever meet native Koreans will have no idea what they are saying. You have lost your Korean accent or never had it. Maybe getting a native to speak will help, but these are good refresher courses. Also Koreanclass101 podcast is awesome, thanks.

3 03 2008
jim (13:55:24) :

Lessons are good Keith. But when these people, if they ever meet native Koreans will have no idea what they are saying. You have lost your Korean accent or never had it. Maybe getting a native to speak will help, but these are good refresher courses. Also Koreanclass101 podcast is awesome, thanks. :smile:

22 03 2008
선현우(Hyunwoo Sun) (02:46:40) :

Jim, :-) I know what you mean. I agree that Keith has a somewhat American accent in his Korean(which is very fluent), and no offense :grin: but just in case anybody’s wondering whether they should take your comment seriously, as a native speaker of Korean, I don’t have any problem understanding what Keith says because his pronunciations are very clear :cool: :wink: Keep up your Korean studies ;-) 화이팅!!

22 03 2008
rein (銘偉) (07:04:13) :

i am chinese but i’m really interested in japanese and korean culture. i was very happy when i found out that iTunes has language podcasts. There was a time when i had to try my little korean, i went to this 24-hour shop in SF and greeted the korean manager “Anyeong-Seo” and since asian people look the same she thought i was a korean and she bombarded me with words that i can’t decipher. She was puzzled when she heard me say ’sorry, i don’t speak korean’ in korean language and she was staring at me when i left the shop, :wink:, that was hell of an experience. Well, maybe i should also try a little japanese sometimes :grin:…

22 04 2008
kelly (15:18:11) :

thanks!! these podcasts really did help a lot!! it is great to have the break down of the word’s meaning and pronunciation.

22 04 2008
LAMASSU (15:42:08) :

Even though this was started a while ago , I’ve just started learning Korean as a new language.
Thanks for the enthusiasm , its good to learn a language where the teacher themselves sound enthusiastic =D .

22 04 2008
admin (21:10:25) :

Great to hear you’re learning, guys! And 감사합니다 for the kind words!

5 05 2008
Esther (08:30:36) :

thankyou for making this site
its really useful
however i cannot work out how to put the lessons onto my ipod shuffle
would be brilliant if you could tell me how

5 05 2008
Esther (08:33:02) :

no worries
i’ve worked it out!

5 05 2008
Esther (08:37:11) :

what does ajussiu mean?
i thought it meant ‘older brother’ but i wasnt sure
I may have spelt it wrong

8 06 2008
Alan (14:00:01) :

Quite helpful regarding pronunciation!

16 06 2008
aubrey (01:23:32) :

:razz: :lol: wow, thanks to this lesson,, i now know additional “thank you” phrases…
esp. tae-dan-hi kam sa ham ni da :roll: …..!!! its very USEFUL :oops:

16 06 2008
hanna-sshi (16:26:09) :

annyeong haseyo. :smile:
i am a malaysian..
and im a huge fan of korean entertainment. :wink:
i’ve watch lots of korean series and movies..
and now i want to stop reading to the subs and hear it. :lol:
but to do that i have to learn korean..
does any body here know any free,friendly,easy and good website to learn korean? :razz:
pls3..im eager to learn languange..:smile :razz:

17 06 2008
admin (11:38:38) :

Hanna씨, if you want to learn Korean more in depth, have a look at http://www.koreanclass101.com . It’s hosted by Keith from Survival Phrases - Korean.

1 07 2008
Addison (20:53:26) :

Thanks for the great lesson Keith! I’m getting really excited to visit Korea for a few weeks.

Just one question: I’m confused about why “g” and “d” are used when they sound more like “k” and “t” respectively. For example, “GamsahamniDa” sounds like “KamsahamniTa.” Can you explain why that is?

3 07 2008
mumai (07:38:52) :

cool :wink:

3 08 2008
quahatterve (06:59:13) :

Thank you

12 08 2008
rej (15:21:55) :

THIS IS SO FAR The best thing I’ve learned.

I’ll be in Seoul next month, and I’m really really keen on studying the basics cause I also want the people I’ll be working with to know that I’m interested with the Korean culture.

This is such a HUGE help.
so, Daedanhi gamsahamnida!

12 08 2008
admin (20:22:53) :

네! Good luck with your studies!

22 09 2008
Heidi (07:17:54) :

thanx, but i cant open any of the pdfs

22 09 2008
Keith (19:59:39) :

Hi Heidi,

If you could give us a little more detail on what your experiencing, we can help you better.

24 09 2008
Tony (07:25:55) :

Thank you!! So much for this podcast. My wife was adopted from Korea and we are visiting her Korean family in October. The podcast has been a blessing. I know that I can go and say a few words and phrases that I hope will impress them.

Does anyone have other sites that I can learn more about the culture. We (my wife and I) want to make a good impression. So we are trying to learn as much as we can.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


25 09 2008
Keith (10:17:57) :


It’s always great to hear about our listeners stories! They will definitely be impressed with your effort. Taking the effort takes time and energy, and everyone appreciates that!

As for another resource, you can check out
This is our sister website. Please take a look!

We hope your trip to Korea will be a great one!

3 10 2008
Tony (08:08:28) :

Thanks Keith!

I will post again after our trip and I am setting up a web site to document our trip I’ll be sure send you a link as soon as it is ready.



18 10 2008
cha (10:23:20) :

i love it, mr kim pronounce it very clearly, i think i’ll learn the language very quick. i just had the hard time following the transcript well maybe because i was expecting that it will be word for word. gamsahamnida :grin:

18 10 2008
cha (10:28:56) :

i’m very thankful to know this site. i like the format.

24 10 2008
Sky (11:46:53) :

Thanks. I love how the lesson’s planned… =D
대단히 감사합니다.

30 10 2008
Tony (08:28:57) :

Hi Everyone!

I got back from our trip to Korea on the 25. It was such a great time. The people were so nice and the food was out of this world. Thanks Keith. We have plans to go back again next year. Now I just really need to learn more Korean. Keep up the great work!


30 10 2008
Keith (19:02:34) :


Great to hear you had a great time! I hope these SurvivalPhrases helped you both with language and understanding the culture a little better.

Best regards,


22 12 2008
kasey (13:13:58) :

hey keith =)
haha I really like your podcasts..
I’m 15 and I’ve been trying to learn korean.. as well as some other languages
and so far.. the only one I’ve gotten far in is korean..thanks to you!
oh and I also thought I might put this out there.. ahah…
you’re veryy good looking :oops: :grin:

22 12 2008
Keith (18:56:26) :

Hi kasey! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcasts :) If you want to learn a little more in depth, you can always check out our sister site www.koreanclass101.com :) We go a little more in depth!

And thanks for the compliment ;) I’m flattered! :mrgreen:

31 01 2009
armghan (05:26:59) :

thanks a lot !
it ws really a outclass lesson !
really very essential part of any language !
감사 합니다 !
고맙 습니다 !
고마 워요 !

16 03 2009
farah khodja (03:47:52) :

Very good lesson!!! gumaweyo :smile:

2 06 2009
joey (20:24:02) :

:lol: tehdani kamsahamnida.. i can get along watching Boys over flower.. kumawo..!!

7 06 2009
mayette (20:12:43) :

great!….amazing and fun

25 06 2009
Soo Jung (02:52:08) :

Hi Keith,

Great job! You should pursue acting… :)

26 09 2009
Louise (21:24:44) :

I purchased all 60 lessons but do not have access to them, this has been the case for about a month now and I have sent multiple e-mails and received no reply.
This really sucks paying for something I can’t even use.

28 11 2009
maisha (15:18:57) :

this is great. i can’t count how many times i said thank you today on my first voyage via seoul subways…wish i had known about “great thanks” for the kind elderly gentleman who literally escorted me from the last subway stop to my hotel. 정말 감사합니다

9 01 2010
Craig (00:03:19) :

Gamsahamnida! My wife and I will be in Seoul soon to adopt a little girl. I will be saying “thank you” quite often during the trip. I’m glad that I can say “great thanks” to her foster parents. I can’t wait to do the whole unit!

9 04 2010
ghada (20:46:21) :

thank u very much it is very helpful :) :cool:

9 04 2010
Jamie (23:03:26) :

Kamsahamnida! :razz:

30 11 2010
eliza (09:30:29) :

I found these lessons through itunes and they have been so helpful!

Great job!

18 12 2010
Zazo0 (07:15:28) :

thank you a lot . i’m toyally in love with korea
i like your way to learn . Fighting

26 12 2010
Korean Fashion (09:07:03) :

Gamsahamnida! I love Korea!! and Korean fashion http://www.koreanclothings.com and korean food and their guys ;)

25 01 2011
emily (18:40:29) :

this is so fun!! :smile:

22 11 2011
Cruz (02:47:52) :

I really learned about nearly all of this, but having said that, I still assumed it was useful. Great task!

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