Lesson #2 - Say “You’re Welcome” in Japanese

June 4th, 2007

Learn Japanese travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Japanese can go such a long way! Today we cover another high frequency Japanese phrase sure to be useful on your trip, travels or vacation to Japan.

Today, we’ll go over the term “You’re Welcome.” Now, this might seem like a simple phrase, but there are various ways to say it depending on the situation and politeness level. So we’ll take a whole lesson on these phrases and go over some customs as well. To learn more about Japanese customs and phrases, be sure to comb through SurvivalPhrases.com. And when you do, be sure to leave us a post!

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13 responses to “Say “You’re Welcome” in Japanese”

5 06 2007
Enrico (20:02:33) :

Nice Lesson, I’ve learned something new! I knew only dou itashimashite and douzo.
Is it possible to view a SAMPLE pdf?

6 06 2007
Eran (10:32:25) :

Enrico -

Glad you enjoyed the lesson! We posted some sample PDF Guides on our Subscription Information page. Here’s a link:



1 07 2007
Daniel L (06:21:58) :

Extremely useful. Even after a year of self-study, I was able to learn something new from this 2nd lesson. Thanks so much!!!

12 07 2007
Lerianne Mae Uguil (09:45:06) :

I’d really like to have a copy of every lesson but I’m only a student here in Philippines and I don’t have an account in Paypal or a credit card with dollar account… How can I get a copy?

13 08 2007
Adam (07:29:00) :

Wow, I have learned something I never knew as well, throughout the studies I’ve done, I’ve never come across how to say your welcome. Arigato Gozaimasu Sachiko-san.

29 01 2008
flyfree (02:52:12) :

:twisted: yay now i know some japanese

4 05 2008
George Lin (07:49:33) :

Your teaching is so nice and impressive.
Thank you! I really love it.

4 05 2008
admin (09:52:17) :


I’ll let さちこ先生 know.

8 08 2008
Nerychan (09:29:06) :

I am so happy I found survivalphrase.com. I’ve been wanting to speak Japanese for so long but I couldn’t get enough time and motivation. I am a teacher to Japanese but I only speak in English because I teach them English. But I get feeling awkward sometimes because I could not speak with my boss (who is also a Japanese). He speaks only a little English and I could barely speak Japanese at all. I hope I could master Japanese language with YOUR help. Thank you!

4 02 2009
shalom (21:01:47) :

i love this so much!

18 11 2009
Martin (21:10:12) :

If you are looking to hear just the pronunciation for the phrase “You’re Welcome”, visit:

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