Lesson #1 - How to Say “Thank You!” in Japanese

June 1st, 2007

Learn Japanese travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Japanese can go such a long way! Today we cover another high frequency Japanese phrase sure to be useful on your trip, travels or vacation to Japan.

Today, we’ll go over some basics. Wherever your destination may be, manners are a must! And in this respect, Japan is no different. So in our very first lesson, we’ll be taking a look at “Thank you” — a phrase there is no excuse not to bring with you to Japan. Again, I’ll stress this over and over, a little a bit of the language can go such a long way! So be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com before setting out on your trip to Japan, and when you do, be sure to leave us a post!

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33 responses to “How to Say “Thank You!” in Japanese”

22 06 2007
Danielle (17:40:22) :

Ya’ll are wonderful! I thought I’d never be able to actually find something that would help me so much that’s so easy to learn! When I gradute High School my parents are paying for two friends and I to live in Japan for one year and if we enjoy our stay then we’ll start living there for real! I was so excited when my mother told me, but there was one little problem… the only words in Japanese I really knew off the top of my head were “Moshi Moshi”, “Arigato” and some other small words. And my friends don’t really have as much time to learn so I guess it’s up to me to speak the language so we’re not wondering around with not a clue! XD

I found you on iTunes and thank goodness I did! You’ve helped me alot and thank you so much!

22 06 2007
Danielle (17:41:22) :

I do believe I’ve spelt “graduate” wrong. *laughs*

1 07 2007
Daniel L (06:11:24) :

Hi Sachiko-san,

I heard about this new and wonderful website from JapanesePod101. You guys (and girls) are great, and always on the cutting edge of Internet-based education. After listening to lesson 1 here, I can tell that your lessons will retain the quality that I have grown to love. Thanks for your teachings! どうも ありがとう ございます。

13 08 2007
Adam (07:25:41) :

Sachiko-san, dōmo arigato gozaimasu. After doing some of the Newbie lessons on Jpod, I am in a bit of a rush as my exams are steadily approaching. But I saw a link to here and listened to this lesson and fell in love! This is perfect for the quick learning I could use before school. I am now a premium member and can’t wait to here all the future lessons. Again, arigato gozaimasu.

26 08 2007
Manuel (03:19:06) :

Congratulations! Excellent podcast. Enough information and perfect voice. That it’s important for me to understand both English and Japanese, because English is not my mother language, and I haven’t found this kind of podcast in Spanish. Thanks!!!

14 10 2007
Gaeun (13:22:34) :

Arigato! It’s hard learning any language but SurvivalPhrases makes things much easier. Thank you again Sachiko san.

21 12 2007
sarenity (13:58:19) :

arigatouu~sachiko-san! :oops:
I REALLY appreciate the podcast! i simply LOVE japanese :lol:
and this make it so much more clear :)))
thank you, thank you :mrgreen:
mata neh~ xDDD

25 12 2007
Jared (12:24:32) :


Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!!!! I really appreciate these lessons. This coiming up summer I’m going on a missions trip to Japan. I figured Japaneese would be too hard of a language to learn but I was wrong. The lessons are very simple and I’m picking it up easily. So once again thank you so very much.

18 01 2008
Jinecou (06:56:35) :

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu Sachiko-san!

28 03 2008
Marlyn (09:30:17) :

I simply love this, i will not be going to Japan any time soon, but I want to learn as much as possible. This is a great way of learning! Although Sachiko Nakagome, the teacher or the person who says these phrases, goes a bit quit fast and doesn’t allow me to actually get the syllables so i have to write it all down, it’s still very good. She did tell me why she goes fast, she’s from Osaka (n Japan of course) and she has lived/ lives in new York so…….Anyways this is great i can’t wait for my next lesson!:eek::grin :mrgreen:

28 03 2008
Marlyn (09:30:44) :

:mrgreen: :grin:

31 03 2008
Rosie (20:07:58) :

Hi Sachiko,

My name’s Rosie and I’m learning Japanese at school, and I’ve been looking for other tools because I really want to become fluent. I have a Japanese ballet dancer living with my family, and she’s a huge help, but the more I can learn the better!

I’ve been listening to the first lesson over and over again, it’s really good and very helpful. I’m looking forward to finally going to Japan (although that probably won’t be for many years).

Thanks heaps.

1 04 2008
maxiewawa (07:47:02) :


I’ll pass on the message to Sachiko. Thanks for your support and good luck with your Japanese studies.


24 04 2008
Amy (23:35:33) :

i am very curious about whether you are an America or a Japenese. i have a lot of friends who are learning japenese in the university. even though i am learning German but it is always interesting to learn sth new and fun.

thanks for your help.

1 07 2008
patrickonemillion (15:06:29) :

i went to visit friends in Osaka last year and wished that i had learnt some Japanese as i was quite resticted!
i’ve looked at a few courses since and this one seems great. i love the fact we have the work sheets to download, it makes it much easier for me t pick up the phrases.
i really think this will be a great help with my Japanese and as the lessons are short i can fit them in on my journey to work every morning - although i might get strange looks from commutors as i sit speaking japanese to myself :wink:

4 07 2008
gvarlotta (16:39:06) :

I listened to a lot of podcasts at the iTunes Store, and these were by far the best sounding and easiest to understand. I downloaded the first ten lessons and burned them onto a CD to listen to in my car. It’s great! I’m looking forward to future lessons.

7 08 2008
Nerychan (22:06:43) :

wow… Sacheko san is very cherrful. I love the lesson

8 08 2008
admin (11:14:50) :

Yes, she is. In real life she is always happy too!

19 08 2008
Andrew (05:14:43) :

These are excellent. I only had gone through 4 of the feeds and I had to subscribe. Simple and effective phrases!!

many thanks!

19 08 2008
admin (20:39:18) :

Glad to be of service! Good luck in your studies!

31 01 2009
Rupali (11:07:38) :


For some reason, I get a blank page with just the “SurvivalPhrases.com” heading on it with this pdf. All the other pdf files loaded down beautifully.

Any suggestions?

Domo arrigato gozaimasu! :mrgreen:

14 07 2009
Norman (09:25:37) :

Im so eager to learn japanese,.. I use to think of an english word and find its japanese term in the internet.. But i figured its not enough,. I should know the proper pronunciation as well,.. Thats why im so thankful that i found you guys..! You offer free lessons in mp3 format which is really helping me.. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu..!

28 09 2009
paolo (10:45:31) :

Sachiko is spectacular. I’d never heard anyone that as skillfull as she is. I’m glad I found this website..Looking forward for more fantastic lessons. How does Sachiko look like anyway:rol :?

29 12 2009
Maddiewebkinz (00:44:52) :

:mrgreen::neutral::twisted::shock::smile::???::cool::evil::grin::oops::razz::roll::wink::cry::eek::lol::cry::mad :sad:

3 02 2010
LEARN JAPANESE FROM SACHIKO NAKAGOME- Learn to Read Japanese the Right Way…mmm (10:45:46) :

[…] Travel Phrases – Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese … […]

25 02 2010
Eric (14:44:41) :

Domo Arigato Goyzaimas :razz:

11 04 2010
websaru (00:00:59) :

we can search how to say “thanks” with some online dictionary, say websaru dictionary

20 06 2010
idll (15:27:41) :

That was Awesome :smile: ..

I have never find any online lessons in that efficiency :grin:

Domo Arigato Gozayms

27 07 2010
zac from australia (20:38:46) :

thanks it was great.
though i am still to find a website with an aussie doing the podcast as i find the american accent quite hard to understand, though it is easier to understand than some other podcasts i have found. the pdf’s help soooo much. doumo arigato gozaemasu (accompanied by a really low bow). these are greatfully helping my basic understanding of the japanese language, seing as it is my 8th year learning, doumo arigato gozaemasu (accompanied by a really low bow(again)).

2 08 2010
maddie-chan (13:45:24) :

ohayou gozaimasu, Sachiko! (soz its lyk, 5am here)
omg domo arigatou gozaimasu, im just 13 but i wanna learn the survival phrases so tht wen im older i cn move to japan and teach english :-)
one question - is “arigatou gozaimashite” just the lengther version of “arigatou gozaimasu”? and can u use it wen u say “domo arigatou gozaimasu”?
Maddie :wink::wink :wink:

6 09 2010
Toni Jue (19:44:08) :

thanks for the free lesson. i’m just wondering why are there only 10 lessons available here for free download when the ad that i got from itunes said there are 15 free lessons :grin:

15 09 2010
Billy Buchanan (12:25:10) :

Thanks for this excellent beginner lesson. I hope you keep putting out these podcasts.

19 12 2010
Japaneselearner (08:03:23) :


Its quite good altough in your PDF File for the thankings, there are actually Kanji and Kana the same.

Here is the Kanji Vocabulary, please feel free to use it.
どうも有り難う御座います。 (どうもありがとうございます)
御面 (ごめん) (the “MEN” stands here for face. Think about the cultural fact in China, Korea and Japan. Loosing your face when you have to apologise.

But please note, these words in Kanji are in today’s Japanese very uncommen and very
rarely used.

Kind regards

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