Lesson #1 - How to Say “Thank You!” in Italian

February 29th, 2008

Learn Italian travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Italian can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, SurvivalPhrases.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover another high frequency Italian phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Italy.

Today’s Survival Phrase is grazie, the most common way to say thank you in Italian. To learn more about Italian culture and Italian phrases be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com before you set out on your trip to Italy!

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4 responses to “How to Say “Thank You!” in Italian”

5 09 2008
John (03:03:16) :

We enjoyed the first 10 lessons (in spite of the pdfs often having different vocab to the audio) and subscribed to the Premium Italian Survival Phrases to continue but unfortunately due to a mouse slip accidently subscribed to Japanese instead. I Immediately sent an email to try to fix it but it has been a week and in spite of 4 emails to Survival phrases and then Italian Pod and Japanesepod101 no one has responded. I would therefore like to warn potential subscribers to be very careful as there appears to be no-one reading the emails / no customer service at all

23 05 2009
pcaswell (22:51:37) :

I am disappointed that I cannot down load the pdf free after purchasing the audio book on Italian phrases. I ALREADY PURCHASED IT !!! from audible .com.

please send me the pdf of the entire thing or tell me how to download it.

2 06 2009
COLLEEN SHERMAN (21:23:54) :

i downloaded the first 10 episodes of italian from itunes on my ipod, it added 8 more episodes for a total of 18 , but now there are only 4 episodes left on ,..my ipod
i was thinking about ordering the program–will i get back the episodes lost
after reading comments, i am a little concerned about getting the right program
downloaded after reading the comments
please respond

9 06 2011
Kerry (02:08:22) :

I too have left several emails regarding technical problems on
My premium account and have had no reply. Poor service italianpod101. Get your act together please, or at least let people know via your website that you do not return calls. Buyers beware!!

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