Lesson #1 - Thank You!

May 1st, 2009

Learn Greek travel phrases with SurvivalPhrases.com! A little Greek can go such a long way! Whether you’re traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, survivalphrases.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover a high frequency Greek phrase sure to be of use on your trip, travels or vacation to Greece.

Today’s Survival Phrase is Efharisto, the most common way to say thank you in Greek. To learn more about Greek culture and Greek phrases be sure to stop by SurvivalPhrases.com before you set out on your trip to Greece!

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8 responses to “Thank You!”

16 06 2009
zyq (00:54:17) :

:grin: this site is great!! i dont understand why nobody’s leaving a comment!

8 07 2009
Sadina (11:17:08) :

I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!! :grin: Thank you!

25 07 2009
Megan (08:33:14) :

this site is sooo amazing! i used the french when i was in paris… soooo helpful!!! now.. i’m working on greece.

27 07 2009
Leeza (04:33:00) :

Thank God@ Not only are these well-paced & clearly enunciated; but it is spoken by someone speaking Greek-English, as opposed to someone who is English-speaking (w/an accent). My friends in Athens cannot understand the Greek being spoken in many Greek travel lessons, but this they understand and can work with me. Also, the tips explain what my friends don’t always break-down. i.e. - Why they answer the phone with “Ella” or “Parakalov” verses saying a “hello” like”Gia sus”. This is an incredible find!

4 02 2010
Joe Bulat (23:50:00) :

Is the pdf correct? The Greek orthography differs from the latinisation in that it appears to lack the Sas in ‘Sas efharisto para poli’



31 03 2010
speditor (22:51:28) :

Dear Joe,
Thanks for spotting that, the PDF should be fixed now.
If you are still getting the old PDF, please wait a few hours as the system resets itself.
Thank you

8 05 2010
Angela (04:44:11) :

These are a great help in preparing me for my trip to Greece. No one likes an ignorant tourist!

29 08 2010
Chuck (04:59:09) :

These are great lessons and I am glad that I became a member. I am having one small problem, however. I am trying to download the lessons to itunes, but when i hit “download,” i just get another window that then plays the lesson in Quicktime. So I have 3 ways to play it on my computer but none to download it. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, er, efharisto!

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