Course Information

Each course is designed to provide you with the most essential phrases one would need for traveling. The phrases were selected after thorough testing and analysis of the frequency of usage of phrases across many languages. In addition to the phrases, the course provides cultural insight, up-to-date knowledge and firsthand knowledge all presented in a fun and engaging format by our carefully selected cultural guides.

Audio lessons
Each language course consists of 50+ audio lessons delivered in MP3 format. One lesson is approximately 5-6 minutes long, and designed to reinforce one phrase while at the same time providing cultural insight and experiences of the host. The course begins with the most essential and likely phrases you will need or encounter. Therefore, the early phrases and the company PDF of the utmost importance.

Each lesson is accompanied by a PDF which contains a write up about the lesson, the phrases in a native alphabet, romanization of the native alphabet where applicable, the phrases, vocabulary, and quick tips, which provide supplemental material that is sure to be beneficial to your trip. In addition, the PDF has linguistic insight to give you a solid base so you can learn on the go.

Topics and Titles…