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June 1st, 2007

Learn essential travel phrases, get cultural insight, and other traveling tips you won’t find in a phrasebook at! Our experienced and well traveled teachers bring you fresh and dynamic content in the form of useful phrases, invaluable vacation tips and personal experiences that are sure to enhance your world travels. was created with the sole intention of promoting interaction between travellers and their host countries by providing them with fundamental linguistic tools and key cultural insight. is currently and actively seeking teachers with the linguistic expertise and cultural knowledge to share their talents and experiences with the world. For more information, visit our become a teachers page.

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8 responses to “ Goes Live!”

27 06 2007
Evan Stoddard (11:37:24) :


Given the state of the world, have you considered adding Arabic in the near future? I know my son-in-law would appreciate it. (He’s entertaining a bunch of Arabic-speaking Fulbright students this summer, for the third summer in a row.) I’ll bet a bunch of service men in Iraq could use it and would sign up. In fact, would the military consider funding it for our men and women in Iraq? Thanks for your consideration.

Best wishes,
Evan Stoddard

19 07 2007
Will (19:15:35) :

Also having an all inclusive membership to all the languages would be very helpful for those langofiles out there.

I second the arabic !!

5 08 2007
Sindy (07:28:07) :

Eran-san :wink:

I would like you to considered adding Norigean language in the future because I would to learn this beautiful language and understand what my Black/Dead Metal bands said in their songs and in the honor of my favorite band Ulver.

Well thank you for your time Eran-san :wink: S_R_C

13 08 2007
noble2007 (01:55:21) :

I also think Arabic would be useful. However living in New York I find survival phrases useful and would like some lessons tailored to those of us who have a Korean bodega and dry cleaner both who do not speak a word of good English, Japanese Sushi and Izakaya also same problem and of course in NYC the notorious Chinese waiter who will not let you in on the best food. Then the Urdu speaking taxi cab drivers, the Hindu shop owners and so on.

I find my limited Japanese skills from 2 years of training enable me to interact in a Sushi-ya and this can make for a more enjoyable meal.

Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Russian would make a good addition to the Spanish you have planned. But as mentioned it would be good to have some tailored to those of us living amongst all these people in America or I guess Europe.

Great site a good addition to my learning set.

2 12 2008
TerryS (11:23:01) :

I just started listening to a few podcasts I downloaded a couple weeks ago. Since I can’t listen to stuff and work on my computer at the same time, I had to wait until I had the correct accessories to enable me to listed at other times. :smile:

So far, I like how the lessons are set up. I like that they are short, and that the speakers say a phrase normallly, break it down into syllables, and say it normally again. This is a huge deal, because although I understand the pronunciation “theoretically” (I have been teaching myself reading and writing for a while), my listeining skills with foreign accents (never mind a foreign language itself) are horrible! So this enables me to hear the phrase slowly and eventually understand it at normal speed. This is *the* major reason I need these lessons.

I also like that they focus on a phrase or set of phrases and teach you how to adjust the phrase for the social situation. I was particularly impressed with the lesson on “You’re welcome” in Japanese! I knew a few ways of saying it, but no book has taught me all these ways, and explained how the situation affects the phrase!

I need the listening and speaking practice very badly, so I suppose I will focus on the *free* lessons for a while (I have 15, because of iTunes). However, when I feel ready to move on, I am sure I will sign up for membership, seeing as you don’t price-gouge people. 50 lessons is plenty for me for quite a while, and $25 is a good price, though difficult (because I’m a student), so when I’m ready I will get it. (Compare to JapanesePod101, which targets its prices toward the elite.)

Thanks for this great service!

3 01 2009
Elaine Holyoak (04:28:51) :

I liked the system very much but having paid for premium membership I am unable to download any other lessons and have been unable to contact the TravelPhrases team for assistance. No replies have been received from my e-mails

28 12 2009
Siti (12:37:52) :

Hi, I like the website very much. Perhaps you could also include Dutch soon.. I have a friend who is interested in learning the language (her pen-friend is Dutch) but resources online aren’t that many.. Best wishes to your site!

22 05 2010
Gabriel (02:18:38) :

Its interesting,Tabea

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