Thank You for Your Support!

July 12th, 2007

We would just like to thank all of the people who have supported at this early stage of our development. Thank you again for your support as we continue on our quest of becoming an audio travel phrase portal, where travelers can find audio travel phrases for any language they may desire.

We hope that through these audio phrases and cultral insight your trip, travels, journey or vacation will be that much better. The early indications are that these audio travel phrases are extremely useful and adding to the travlers experience. While we have only been live a little over one month, today Korean Phrases was featured by iTunes. Thank you again everyone for making this possible!

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5 responses to “Thank You for Your Support!”

30 07 2007
Sindy (12:06:49) :

Eran-san :wink:

Congratulations on the itunes apperience of! :cool:

I try to go to and it asks for a username and password in order to see the website so I try to use my username and password I have in and it didn’t work it say “Invalid user/password, authorization is requiered” so I would like to know if I’m the only one experience this or is there away to see KoreanClass101 page without having username or password there?

Well thank you for your time Eran-san! :wink: S_R_C

4 08 2007
Daniel L (20:19:12) :


I noticed that when I tried to go to, the web page was titled “Under Construction”. My guess is that it isn’t ready for web visitors yet.

5 08 2007
Sindy (07:22:50) :

Daniel L-san :wink:

You’re right! Thank you very much for your help, I appreciated very much my friend!:cool :wink: S_R_C

2 12 2008
TerryS (11:26:35) :

Congradulations! It’s great you’ve got some free stuff on iTunes, which alerted me to the existence of this website. I will sign up for a paid membership when I am done with the ones in iTunes (those will last me a while yet).

This is a great service!

15 12 2010
Monex (22:49:08) :

Just listen the words and phrases and if you want record yourself to check your own pronunciation. Just listen the words and phrases and if you want record yourself to check your own pronunciation.

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